New Release Single - You Never Can Tell

New Release - Single - August 24, 2016

YOU NEVER CAN TELL                                                                                                         By Michele McNany February 2016 
Have you ever seen a day come and wonder where it came from 
Is there truth beyond thoughts of thinking through the truth or not 
Looking out beyond somewhere I wonder where somewhere is 
I see blue,  pictures in the sky,  In the clouds drifting by 
You never can tell, never can tell 
If you throw your heart into the wishing well 
You can wish for many things 
You can wish for anything you have not wished on before 
Oh you never can tell what comes from the wishing well. 
Through the trees a red house stood weathered old in the woods 
Empty space wrapped around the summer step,
a tinkling chime, but no flowers yet 
There’s a bird,  in the tree on a branch just watching me  
The bird is hope, the well is deep, its there for well wishers their wishes it keeps. 
Oh Its like the penny in the fountain, or a candle on a cake, 
dandelions at the lake, that the wind might take 
Oh you never can tell what comes from the wishing well.