Upcoming Songs & Projects

Flowers On Your Grave 
Written Jan 2019 
It has been almost a year since my dad left us and this song is in memory of him. 

Love Surrounds 
Written Nov 2018 - by Michele McNany
There is something about love touching those around you, and you never know how or why it is more or less, it just is...and when you leave those you love, you take with them the love they have shared with you. 

 Living In This Country
Written Sept 2018 - by Michele and Matt McNany
Different perspectives wrapped up in a today mindset.  

Atlantic Sands
Written Aug 2018 - by Michele McNany
A cross country journey from one ocean to the other.                                                                                                                  

We Did The Right Thing

Written Aug 2018 - by Michele McNany
When life offers difficult decisions we took the risk and moved crossed country from our beloved North West Coast to Melbourne Florida. This song reinforces the good that may come from our difficult decision.

My Hearts Been Missing You
Written Nov 2017 - by Michele McNany
A song of the heart when missing your loved ones recalls the many memories that brought them close. 

A Rainbow Catches Light ( Darin's Song )
Written Sept 2017 - by Michele McNany
This song is for all those who are caught up in life struggles, the heart of those that surround them, support them and hope. 

Michigan I Know You Well
Written May 2017 - by Michele McNany
Inspired by childhood home town memories, and amazing lifelong friendships. 

Santiam - ( The Corridor )
Written July 2017- by Michele McNany

Reflections of endless summer traditions,  panning for gold in breathtaking nature.

The Purple Pant Blues 
Written April 2016 - by Michele McNany
The excitement of music with it's intensity of flavor, color, rhythm and blues - Portland Blues Festival "inspired" and the "Purple Pant Man"

Hold Back The Time

Written 1998 - by Michele McNany
A soulful arrangement of memories past and wishing to hold back what was now lost. 

Like A Bird ( Fly Away )

Written 2002 - by Michele McNany
The freedom of being young, wind in your hair and a red convertible. 

See You In My Dreams 
Written 1999 / New Arrangement 2015 - by Michele McNany 
This song was written in a rough patch of time for me and I had just lost what I thought was my soulmate, when I realized he did not love me the same. I would often dream about what might have been as I worked through the loss and disappointment. This song is sensuous with a latin flavor and one can get caught up in the dreamy flow as you weave through the melody. 

 All songs written by Michele McNany - All rights reserved