I Feel myself being quietly drawn by the deeper pull of what I truly love. ”


Written Oct 2015 - Jan 2016 Release                                                                                                                                                   

This song came to life one night while driving home from Portland to North Bend on Hwy 18 and hitting I-90.  I happened to catch an amazing sunset upon the Cascade Mountain range. Breathtaking and inspiring, it brought so many great thoughts of my past year since our move. It was that special moment with the sunset glowing and mountains wrapping around me I realized just how much I loved our relocation and my new home - this song is about the "moment" one has the realization of what "home" means to them. 

Leaves Fall Down (Acoustic) 
Written 1995 - Dec 2015 Release
Written almost 21 years ago, this song is the dance of love. It is the anticipation of waiting to be with the one you love and the exciting connection of two.  Simple lyrics, beautiful guitar and a wonderful arrangement make this magical song come to life.

Leaves Fall Down (Instrumental)
This song became an especially nice bonus track with its magical instrumental taking center stage in this version and which became my first published song. Its romantic and sultry with its smooth and enticing melody as it draws you in. If you close your eyes you can imagine loves flame, wishful dreams and maybe see leaves dancing around you.   

Legacy Ghost
Written March 2015 - Oct 2015 Release
Reflecting back on my life,  what I have done and what I might leave when I am gone takes you through that journey in this song. Growing up in Alpena, Michigan my family moved to Portland to offer us a better life. After more than 30 years, I left the suburban living of Portland and moved back into a bedroom community of Seattle,  a more rustic, rural area much like the one I grew up in. I had come to a decision that my life needed a stronger purpose and so I determined to take action in supporting those less fortunate  "find ways to do more".   After this song was released my friend's life ended after battling a year of cancer. Her spirit throughout her life was impeccable taking action on her thoughts in so many ways,  even in her final battle her spirit was a bright star shining above us all.  Her final words she left upon us "take action friends",  just give what you can, when you can, everyday there is a good deed to be done. So live each day to the fullest, and "Pay it forward" every chance you get.    
This song is dedicated to my dear friend Rhoni who was an inspiration to all who knew her and her legacy will be remembered.  
With You Now
Written 1989 - Nov 2015 Release
One of my earlier and most favorite songs,  it was well known by many as "Waylaid".  I had the good fortune early on to have a songwriter/producer who had done work in Nashville work with me on this song,  which at that time was a country song and a more upbeat tempo. Years later in the studio good things did happen with this song. With the suggestion to slow it down it has now become a wonderful ballad and gained a new name title more fitting to its reformation.  Based on a life experience,  it is about a relationship where one person is totally committed and that "other person"  has one foot in and the other out, undecided on their commitment to the relationship. It is a most difficult thing to be in that position of loving someone unconditionally and yet, having the strength to walk away to become whole again. This song is about the turmoil, realization and the courage to make a change. 

Washington Is Burning
Written Aug 2015 - Oct 2015 Release
Living in the NW the majority of my life, fire season always arrived. In 2015 after numerous years of extremely dry winters, fires once again enveloped many of our beautiful Northwest landscapes that we loved.  Although living in Oregon for over 30 years, my recent move to Washington put our home next to the forest and mountains, making it very close to home. With friends in multiple NW states effected by fires, the devastation took its toll on many.  

This powerful song is filled with emotion, empathy and was written with great compassion for those who were suffering the NW fires of 2015.  Written with full intent to give back to those who risk their lives everyday in supporting and protecting us in natural disasters, those effected by the disasters,  and a much needed funding for states to afford the costs each year to battle these annual occurrences.  Last year in Washington alone over 1 million acres of land burned and resources continue to be a concern for the future. I am  committed to contribute a portion of each download of "Washington Is Burning" to support the local NW Fire Funds  in their efforts of helping those effected in natural disasters for local recovery. 

All songs written by Michele McNany - All rights reserved
Produced by Jay Pinto


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