NEW Release - Just Believe Oct 2017

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. ”
My heart has always been set on living. Seems I have been writing songs and singing since I was too little to remember, they are both such a part of me it is much like breathing.

I am so grateful that throughout the chapters of my life, I have grown up well (so my parents tell me), can now laugh at my mistakes, struggled and came through the other side ok, and learned to appreciate life as it hits me and usually there is some kind of a gift in there somewhere. I feel extremely lucky to have found love, even a few times and been loved in my lifetime. 

I would not be the person I have become today without the encouragement and love of my parents and family, friends and my amazing husband who support and stand by me every step of this journey. I will say it over and over and over again, thank you! 

Funny, I had my whole life to make a CD,  yet "stuff happens" and it was either no support, no money or not enough time. Well,  I have support (could always use more), still not really rolling in the dough (monetary support would be so helpful for my new songs) and with an extremely tight schedule, (making time for what I love) the clocks a' ticking.  Thanks for listening and any support you care to offer. Love,  Michele


Thinking of You 
Written September 2016 - by Michele McNany  / Released as a Single Oct 2016 
We all will wander back to our childhoods, this song is reflective and simple yet shares profoundness of what life offers and a connection of family, despite challenges.

Don't Need Promises                                                                                                                              Written Feb 1990, Recorded June 2017 - by Michele McNany                                                                                                                               This song reflects back in my dating days and how sometimes it is difficult to put yourself out there with all your trust and be satisfied that you are where you should be at that time. All anyone wants in a relationship is respect, truth and love, and when that is not the situation having the courage to move beyond it.                                         

Linger On Love
Written 1998 - by Michele McNany  

My nature is to see the best in everyone and even when a relationship is done, after time I reflect and recall the good times and happy memories that relationship had once had when it started. Now sometimes I should not have wasted good positive energy on those not worth remembering, yet often we tend to look back on life and dwell on different memories despite it all.  There were a few times I lingered just a bit too long on a relationship that was not worth lingering on.  This song is about just that "why do we linger so long, on love"?

Never Can Tell 
Written May 2016 - by Michele McNany  / Released as a Single Oct 2016
Growing up we lived in the country in Northern Michigan. Summer brought many kids out, however in the winter it was kind of lonely. I did lots of thinking, dreaming and wishing, I am sure you could see lots of my pennies in that old wishing well and we all know what that feeling is all about. Take time to dream and you never can tell.  

That's What I'm Missing Most 
Written Jan 2016 - by Michele McNany 
For some reason as the years go by, life is just a bit more precious to me. Time can go by fast and one day you wake up and say "hey where did all the time go"? This song was written for my husband, caught in the hurricane of trying to make a living in a career that simply takes over his life. His story is not much different than many others I know with technology there are less people doing a job, and more unrealistic work expectations than ever before. This song is about the good old days, when life was more carefree, simple and easy going, sleeping in and spending time together. 

Just Believe
Written June 2016 - by Michele McNany
I have a few friends (I won't name you but you know who you are) that love to live in chaos. It is what they know best and I usually sit back as it occurs, say "I told you so" a few times and then lean over if you need my shoulder. Friends get you through - JUST BELIEVE. 

Leaves Fall Down (Instrumental)                                                                                                                               Written 1995 - Recorded acoustic version on With You Now Release 2015 by Michele McNany

All songs written by Michele McNany - All rights reserved