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Michele McNany Interview 

 Folk music artist, Michele McNany! 

Where did you grow up? I was born in Taylor, Michigan but I spent the majority of my childhood in Alpena, a small town in Northern Michigan. I moved to Portland, Oregon when I graduated and lived in the NW for 35 years. 

What inspired you to get into music? My Grandfather was a classical pianist, and my mother was very musical, always singing and playing the piano. I loved harmonies and would sing along, and always writing songs. Eventually I took up the piano, sang in choir, learned accordion, harmonica and then guitar. It was a natural progression, the love of performing and the creative energy I had within. 
Words and music always found its way together for me, it was my expression of myself and how I saw the world. 

Do you produce all of your own music, or do you work with other producers? Over the years I have recorded many songs outside of a professional studio. Currently my husband and I are working on producing music in our studio. To this date all professional recordings have used outside studios and producers. 

What is a songwriting session like for you? My songwriting sessions vary, sometimes a chord sequence will create the spark and the song comes alive, then it may take many attempts to push that song along. I always record my ideas and go back, tear apart, or build 
upon those ideas. I have started a song and not finished it for years, and sometimes I can’t write down the words fast enough. I have thought a song was done and into the studio it transforms itself to something new and unique. The creative active energy for me rarely sleeps. 

What inspires you to create? I am inspired by people, emotions, new places and experiences. I am deep person and lean on the emotion to write, however inspirations come from many depths and often create the greatest songs. 

What is your local music scene like in Florida? I have been in Florida just over 2 years, spending 35 years in Portland and Seattle, so fairly new to the area. When the pandemic closed the state down, I spent much time writing since I was stuck at home, however prior to that connected with amazing artists, songwriters and performers here in Central Florida and Melbourne. Brevard County has a unique streaming radio station 1300 that supports all its local talent and space coast “stars”, it has been a great resource to release music and meet local artists. 

Do you collaborate with other artists? I have not done a lot of collaboration with other artists here in Florida, however do see that changing with many local songwriters here, lots of connections to Nashville and so much creative energy. 

Before Covid19, did you perform live often? Yes, I did. My husband plays the bass and as a duo In the NW, farmer markets and events were everywhere, and we took advantage. In Florida, it has taken a bit to connect with others, get the feel of the area and determine best options of how we want to take our music forward. 

Tell us about your latest project. Just Believe was my second album, an EP I did in Seattle. It is a combination of songs from two producers but came together nicely. The vocals are rich and sultry contralto creating a warm acoustic surround sound recording, moving from heart inspired ballads garnished with thoughtful lyrics to upbeat rhythms, blending orchestrations and as an album an 
optimistic oversight. 

What can we expect from you in the future? We are pushing to wrap up two new singles we did in Seattle, then will move into our next project here in Florida. Leaving 35 years in the NW and a cross country move was difficult, however it also gave me new opportunities and connections to grow with my music. One step back, two steps forward we will finally be utilizing our home studio, some very talented local artists, along with great songs about life changing events, the pandemic, politics, hope and love. Combine all that with a strong outpouring of imagination on this 
exciting music journey.