Hello Michele, Your song "Thinking Of You" is awesome, not to mention fabulous! Warmest regards...”

— May 2020 George Warholak Myrtle Beach, SC

Loving "Home" Michele you have a unique and amazing style & sound:) These tunes should be on the radio! Kenny”

— May 2020 - Kenny Sawyer, Westfield, VT

" You have a great voice and good story lines in olds like "thinking of You" which is a very pretty song and music track/mixing. I enjoyed your video too and all of that scenery. You have a truth and sincerity in your voice and your songs and the emotion comes right through the page to us. I want to wish you great fun and success with your music. " Home" is good and on my stereo."                                          

-2020 Best Wishes Roy Conway Arkansas 


"♪ Beautiful Songs, ♫♪ Beautiful vocals, ♫♪ Beautiful lady!!! ♫♪ Beautiful Storylines with ♫♪ Music intertwined!....I'm a Fan."
 –Nancy Woods – Bowling Green, KY 


"Great sound Michele coupled with good music and great voice makes you a winner Michele I am a fan."
–November 2018 Ian Grant – Celtic / Scottish / Folk – Moe, VIC, AU 

"Wonderful Work. Enjoyed my listen."
October 2018  -  Bob Hausler, Saginaw, MI

Really nice listening. A voice you can enjoy all day.”

— Aug 18, 2016 Little Silas - Hendersonville, TN

Great acoustic sound, vocals, and songwriting!”

— Aug 11, 2016 - Michael Conway, Las Vegas, NV

Hi beautiful Michele.. Your music is awesome ...and so is that winning smile of yours...this is the kind of music that I love...”

— Aug 9, 2016 - Bonnie McGill, West Lorn, ON, CA

"Home" - Great! ”

— Aug 9, 2016 - CHIMERA, Trzanovice, CZ

Great Material!!! All the best! ”

— June 4, 2016 - SHIRLWHIRL MUSIC, Houston TX