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CATCH THESE ON ITUNES - PODCASTS  # 738 THINKING OF YOU (JAN 22, 2018),  # 744 LINGER ON LOVE (FEB 2, 2018),  # 755 LEGACY GHOST (FEB 21, 2018)

Live on Worldwide Airplay & Promotion on #1 Award-Winning Women…

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Dirt Road Tom Show

Friday March 2nd  Call in if you enjoyed the show!!.♥️♥️ 

I will be LIVE @ "between 8:30 - 9:00 am and a live interview following, join us!  

STUDIO On-The-Air - 541-323-1774  

346th Show!  

Here is…

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LIVE ON MARCH 2, 2018 - The Dirt Road Tom Show featured "LINGER ON LOVE" off of my "Just Believe" CD. A live interview sharing how I got started in music and a special dedication to my dad…

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King County Fair - Aug 13-16th - 4 SHOWS

4 shows at the largest County Fair in King County! Hope you had a chance to catch one of our shows as we had fun after our shows catching some other music too!

BLASH STUDIOS June 16, 2017

A great recording session of Just Believe and Don't Need Promises. Getting close now, just some harmonies and wrapping up the other two songs  That's What I'm Missing Most and Linger On Love.